Model M case screws

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> >> I was told years ago that in general the thinner-wall sockets are better
> >> quality -- they have to be made from stronger steel alloy to work at
> >> all. Obviously there are exceptions....
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> > It wouldn't surprise me if some of the cheaper stuff was made from pot
> > metal.  I encountered a small Chinese adjustable wrench that was, in
> > fact, made just that way with a nice chromium plating.  I think it was
> > intended to be more decorative than functional.
> Something equally flimsy, yes.  I have a set of 100 "security" bits, $10 or so from Harbor Freight.  I already chipped the phillips bit on a somewhat tight screw.  For the price the stuff is ok, and definitely handy when dealing with various oddball screws, but for anything that matters I go for real tools.

I'm a little late to this thread but I didn't see anyone mention the Wiha
brand which also have a slim Nut Driver set with a 7/32" bit in the kit.
When I was refurbing a couple model M here, I invested in this Wiha set,

Easily found on Amazon but not in any local store around here...  especially
not Menards ;-)

Chris Elmquist

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