Model M case screws

Chris Pye pye at
Sun Jul 2 13:22:49 CDT 2017

> It was on a test-bench setup.   Part of my job back then was calibrating
> the stroke of cylinders to the 3-15 psi control signal.  Plant air
> (power supply for the cylinder) was around 50 psi, IIRC.

Lucky it was just the pliers. Pneumatics can be rather dangerous at that pressure.

> Just one of those things, where you forget where you left things.  Of
> course, nowadays, more than a half-century later, I forget where I leave
> my keys, glasses, wife, etc.   So it's not something that's remedied
> with age…

I’m sure your wife loves that..

When I was an electrician working in the HVAC industry, we had fortnightly catchups to swap tools that we had found (or left) in ceiling cavities. I still have stuff with other peoples names engraved on them.

> Indeed, lately I seem to be suffering increasingly with the "where did I
> put that?" problem, even if the "when" was only a few minutes earlier.

I’m not even fifty, and I have that problem.

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