Model M case screws

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Good advice on buying the whole toolchest.

Wiha does make excellent drivers and insert bits. Their security bits are
top-notch as well -- I ended up buying their general security
"bits-selector" set after wasting $5 on one of those Harbor Freight


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> On 07/02/2017 07:36 AM, Chris Elmquist via cctalk wrote:
> > I'm a little late to this thread but I didn't see anyone mention the Wiha
> > brand which also have a slim Nut Driver set with a 7/32" bit in the kit.
> > When I was refurbing a couple model M here, I invested in this Wiha set,
> I've got a few smaller Wiha drivers and they are pretty good.
> About the best advice I've heard in this respect was "if you're looking
> to assemble a good assortment of hand tools, make an offer for the
> contents of the toolchest  to the widow of a recently deceased mechanic."
> --Chuck

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