tape baking

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> > Have you also experimented with diskettes using this technique.  May
> > apply in some cases.
> Haven't we been here before, oh, about 2-3 years ago?  I bake just about every
> bit old old media I get in, nowadays with very good success.  I think Al uses a
> food dehydrator; I have a custom-made insulated "hot box".  You can even get
> good results (with a bit of cyclomethicone) from old Wabash diskettes.
> Optimum temp for me (by trial and error) is 58C.   Not enough to pucker
> the jacket on floppies, nor warp the reels on mag tape.

When I tried 55C on one of my own TK50 tapes it looked like it got almost completely demagnetised. The lowest our oven (a fan model) would go was 40C but I found the tapes would still stick a bit, so I went up to 45C and that worked for me.



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