tape baking

Noel Chiappa jnc at mercury.lcs.mit.edu
Tue Jul 4 09:53:06 CDT 2017

    > From: Al Kossow

    > You need moving air, though.
    > I'm not sure how you do that well in a TK50 style cartridge.

Hmm, maybe not? I start with the need for moving air - which I do not
dispute, just wondering what the needed effect is. I don't think it can be
removing out-gassed material, I think it has to be temperature leveling -
making sure the heat from the heat source is spread evenly? So one probably
doesn't need moving air inside the cartridge, _if_ its temperature is even?

My _guess_ is that a TK50 cartridge left for a long time in a bath of a
constant-temperature gas will probably eventually come to an even temperature
internally; some parts will warm faster than others, but eventually it should
'soak' all the way through; no part will be able to _stay_ cooler. And
without an internal heat source, no part should be able to come to a higher

I'm just wondering if there are internal (rubber) parts that won't like a
temp that high?


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