Line printer art: (was Re: tape baking)

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> > It worked--I retrieved a tape of line printer art from Princeton quite
> > successfully.  Oddly, nobody was interested in a copy of the files.
> I'm interested!  I'm about to read a card deck for an old work associate who is
> reasonably sure it has some ASCII art on it (it's unlikely to be a "lost" picture,
> but there's always a chance).

Me too. A few sites on-line have copies of these pics...

> > Go figure.  Perhaps nobody owns a line printer that takes continuous
> > forms any more.
> I still have at least one LA180, some LA100s, and probably several more
> tractor-feed wide-carriage printers including one medium-sized
> DataProducts line printer.  What I don't have is an abundance of paper
> - I have some, but not like 30 years ago when it was easy to get partial boxes
> for free or cheap.

I also have an LA100 plus a wide carriage daisy wheel...
... I got a few boxes when some showed up on E-Bay in the UK..

> Feel free to PM me a link to where I could get a copy of these art files or
> reply here with it.

Thanks for the link.

> -ethan


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