FTGH: DEC Alpha XL300

Guy N. decguy at songdog.eskimo.com
Sun Jul 9 12:39:06 CDT 2017

Cleaning house!  I have a DEC Alpha XL300 system I'm not using.  This is
one of the Alpha systems that was crippled so that it could only run
Windows NT (no SRM firmware, AlphaBIOS only).  There used to be a kludge
to run Linux on it, but I think support for that has long since gone

It's cosmetically clean, and I even have the key for the case so you
don't have to break the lock.

I have Windows NT 4.0 installation media, and can probably dig up a
period correct keyboard and mouse.

A VRT17-HA CRT monitor in good condition is also available to go with
this.  It worked the last time I tried it.

Free for local pickup.  I'm willing to drive a reasonable distance in
the Seattle/Eastside area to meet up.

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