Cipher F880 with S100 interface card on local CL

Chuck Guzis cclist at
Sun Jul 9 21:22:18 CDT 2017

On 07/09/2017 05:20 PM, jim stephens via cctalk wrote:

> I have inherited maybe 1000 tapes that I will have to sort and see
> if there is any salvaging.  Not sure if they are any use, but it was
> a one time opportunity to snag them.
The silly thing is that a $15 MCU with a SD card can probably handle a
Pertec interface with horsepower to spare.  You could mount an MCU
inside the drive cabinet and use it with a USB or ethernet cable--or
WiFi, if you're ambitious enough for control.   Most of the job is 5V
level shifting.

Such is the world we live in today--silicon is stupid cheap.

Anyone need any blank tapes?  I've got a dozen or so still in their
sealed bags--probably sticky as heck, since they were recycled/refurbed,
then sold.  I suspect that they're probably 80's Memorex--not exactly
good news.  I'm sure as heck not going to use them.

Maybe for a wall decoration?


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