Through-hole desoldering (was Re: IBM 5110 - Where does the character set live? And other questions.)

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Thu Jul 13 19:25:18 CDT 2017

On 07/13/2017 03:32 PM, jim stephens via cctalk wrote:

> There were off brand tips.  made 100% of the difference.  We got some of
> the ones from non Weller sources and they were just not workable.

These weren't--I'm still working on my grocery bag full-o-tips that I
picked up for pennies on the dollar when Sunnyvale Electronics went out
of business.  Red and white Weller packages.  I doubt there was much of
a market for Weller knockoffs in the early 1980s.  When did Sunnyvale
Electroncis go belly-up?  I don't recall--I still have my Pioneer
turntable tat I bought there.

I tried the DS100 with 90 psi air and decided that a good, consistent
suction with a big reservoir was far more suitable.

Look, Weller made the WTCP soldering stations--a design that's endured
pretty much unchanged for decades.  Great stuff.   I'm on my second
heater and still have yet to get to the bottom of my big bag o' tops.

However, they've also discontinued older desoldering tools and
introduced improved ones several times.   That tells me that the DS100
could be--and was--improved.

If I did more through-hole stuff today, I'd probably spring for a new
Weller desoldering rig just to see how much they've improved.


> Also your Soldapullit alternative worked in about 1 in 10 uses for me. 
> I suspect the boards I had had different heat characteristics, and I'd
> usually end up with half baked shots and maybe even having to re-tin and
> go to the weller (which involved taking a board to the office).
> I worked with a guy who was fixing 30 to 50 boards a day with 1 to 10
> 7400 type IC's per board with the DS-100.  If properly set up it
> worked.  My partner worked with him and they had a system to keep the
> Weller going, and I know I don't know all the details.  Just buying one
> that was used and not rebuilding it with known components didn't work.
> My attempt at that failed when I bought one.
> Amount of wool, type of wool, pressure of shop air, volume of delivery,
> proper adjustment of the vacuum system, all made the vacuum @ the
> desolder tip work properly.
> I'd have taken it off your hands.
> thanks
> Jim
> On 7/13/2017 10:22 AM, Chuck Guzis via cctalk wrote:
>> I eventually gave the thing away--I already had a soldering station, so
>> it wasn't worth keeping the monstrosity around.


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