Through-hole desoldering (was Re: IBM 5110 - Where does the character set live? And other questions.)

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>> If you have the bucks, go for a Pace station with an SX-100 desoldering
>> tool.  40 pin chips
>> fall out like they were never soldered in the first place.
> That's my experience with the Hakko 472D-01. Presumably the FR410-03 would
> work as well or better.

A couple of years ago I bought the UK-branded equivalent of the Zhongdi ZD-915 desoldering station and I can quite honestly say it’s the best thing I’ve bought for this hobby/obsession. To anyone struggling with solder wick and manual pumps it’s worth far more in saved time than anything else. 

Spares are easy to get from Zhongdi in China and since they make the things themselves you can get any spare part you need.

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