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jim stephens jwsmail at
Fri Jul 14 14:06:04 CDT 2017

On 7/14/2017 9:39 AM, Chuck Guzis via cctalk wrote:
> You have no idea how much data is stashed away in the form of tape in a
> NASA/JPL warehouse.   Many of the tapes have very sketchy labels--you
> have to remember that NASA is a lot like many of contract vendors like
> Lockheed.  A project winds up, much is discarded.  An employee leaves,
> whatever he leaves in the office is either shredded or warehoused.
I have recovered quite a large numbers of copies of that data.  No idea 
what is on them however.  A friend who has had a bad run of luck had 
them, and accumulated them when working @ JPL quite a long time ago (70s).

He would buy tapes, and go into the library and select tapes which were 
on file and have them copied.  They are not JPL copies, but were made by 
JPL on request at the time.  I've got several hundred tapes to sort 
thru.  not well stored, but not black mold messes either.

I've not seen this bit about copying tapes mentioned in all the press, 
but I do know that it was done.  I went on a private tour thru one of 
his contacts, and we visited the library.  still could get copies of the 
data then.  Sad that noone was doing that if the archives have deteriorated.


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