Xerox stores

Fri Jul 14 16:42:25 CDT 2017

I liked the DEC retail   store over in mid  Phx.
the sales guy was an  ex  pdp8 customer   engineer!   leaned much  from 
I mentioned metro center in  several posts  contains   places   it  also 
harbored the  corp. hq  for Dataphase  ( AZ version of computerland)  and also 
Businessland...  I watched  them all die...
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>> And don't forget about the IBM Product Centers, bought out  in the late 
>> by NyNex.  They sold IBM business products  including copiers, 
>> Displaywriters, System 36  accessories, printers and eventually PCs and
>> modems and such,  diskettes...
> Although I lived mere miles from it, I don't  remember ever seeing this
> DEC retail outlet:

There  was a DEC retail store here in Mississauga (suburb of Toronto) that 
looked  just like that; still have a printer and some other stuff that I 
bought  there.


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