HP 300-series boot rom archive?

Josh Dersch derschjo at gmail.com
Sun Jul 16 21:50:33 CDT 2017

Hi all --

I picked up a small lot of HP 300 gear yesterday and I'm working on 
getting them going.  In particular, I have a 9000/350 that I'd like to 
use but it has what appears to be a very early boot ROM (dated 7/9/87, 
version A2) and it doesn't recognize the 98658 SCSI controller I'd like 
to use in it -- it enumerates as "127 at 14" rather than getting a the 
usual identification.  I'm hoping that later revisions might support 
this card. (I lack functioning HP-IB storage at the moment).  Is there 
an archive of ROM images for the 300 series anywhere?  Anyone have a 350 
with a later boot ROM they can image for me?

(Also, if anyone has a real service manual for the 9000/375, drop me a 
line -- I have one that's stone dead...)

Thanks as always,


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