HP 300-series boot rom archive?

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I have to agree with Lee's view on the HP300...  THIS is an HP300...  http://www.hpmuseum.net/display_item.php?hw=116

Now for the HP9000/375 - I've not seen a service manual for the 375 but here's a link to the Service Handbook. 


There's a list of hardware related documents in that handbook but there's no mention of a Service Manual.  Perhaps it was an unlisted HP internal document - but the handbook looks like it has enough for the typical field repair efforts of its era.. 

If yours is dead, a bad power supply is the most likely issue.  The same power supply was used in the 9000/340 but the 340's service manual doesn’t tell you much about the internals of the supply.  The 345 service manual tells you more but the supply for that box is a different model. 

The supply was most likely sourced from a third party so you might have to hunt around for an OEM part number on the unit and maybe get lucky with schematics on the web.  Otherwise standard troubleshooting tasks for switch mode power supplies would apply..  http://www.repairfaq.org/sam/smpsfaq.htm#smpssctos

David Collins
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Hi Josh,

"lot of HP 300 gear"

Being picky here, but I worked at HP in the HP 300 days and the system you acquired does not sound like an HP 300, aka Amigo ( https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/HP_300), but rather a model of HP 9000 desktop machines (M68K based?).

Lee C.

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> Hi all --
> I picked up a small lot of HP 300 gear yesterday and I'm working on 
> getting them going.  In particular, I have a 9000/350 that I'd like to 
> use but it has what appears to be a very early boot ROM (dated 7/9/87, 
> version
> A2) and it doesn't recognize the 98658 SCSI controller I'd like to use 
> in it -- it enumerates as "127 at 14" rather than getting a the usual 
> identification.  I'm hoping that later revisions might support this card.
> (I lack functioning HP-IB storage at the moment).  Is there an archive 
> of ROM images for the 300 series anywhere?  Anyone have a 350 with a 
> later boot ROM they can image for me?
> (Also, if anyone has a real service manual for the 9000/375, drop me a 
> line -- I have one that's stone dead...)
> Thanks as always,
> Josh

Lee Courtney
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