Anyone Know Anything About This TURBOchannel Card?

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Thu Jul 20 01:24:01 CDT 2017

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> Rob,
>     That’s probably a J-Video board, a prototype built by DEC SRC for the J300
> series of video and audio adapters. You can find more information in Digital
> Technical Journal, Volume 7, Number 4. Around that time, mid-1994,  I was
> working on the software for a PC ISA board which would inter-operate with J-
> Video to provide network-based desktop video conferencing (see DTJ Volume 5,
> Number 2). After 2 groups that were working on this were shutdown within a
> month of each other, I decided it was time to leave the company. I don’t know
> if any further development occurred.

Thanks for the info John, that is very interesting.



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