Apple Turnover

Jason T silent700 at
Sun Jul 23 22:34:11 CDT 2017

Searching the depths of the basement collection, I ran across a 15-odd
year-old acquisition, the Apple Turnover board by Vertex Systems.
It's an ISA card from the IBM PC/XT era that fits between the floppy
controller and floppy drive, allowing the PC to read Apple // DOS and
Apple CP/M formatted disks.  Having some friends over and an XT handy,
we tested it out with both formats and made it do its thing, mostly

There are plenty of other ways to read in Apple disks these days, so
of course this device is a historical curiosity now.  There was at
least one other card, the Micro Solutions Match Point, which we also
had available to test.

I have dutifully archived the docs and software here:

Oh yes, the disk bears the name of our very own Fred Cisin!  You'll
find his thoughts on the Vertex company on this list, way back in May
of 2001 :)


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