Teletype vs Mice

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what is the trade name of the "No-live" and  where can we  get  it!?
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Been though it before,  and a friend who is an electrician  and was laid up 
in the hospital for a few days after updating the wiring of a  barn.  

Everything was sprayed with what I call "No-live" it is used in hospitals  
and for an hour or so pretty nasty stuff. Then I use a spray that targets 
HPS  as one of its main killers.
I later did the whole bed of the truck and the area around where I  

For those on the list that don't think it can happen to them

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ecch! happy hunta virus eh.
please wear respirator and gloves  Pete. 
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> Although not  100% CC, I had the same happen to a PDP11/35 about 20 years
> ago that  was in storage.
> _ 

Ug.  Too many times I have seen something like  this.

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