IBM S/36 stuff available free

Gary McGill nwsoftware at
Mon Jul 24 18:25:25 CDT 2017

I am new to this list so I do not know how many S/3x folk are here.

I retired from S/3x consulting many years ago and am now just cleaning out
my office storage.  I have a complete set of S/36 manuals and more magazines
and diskettes than I want to count.  I am fine with throwing them all away,
but if there someone who wants any or all, and is will to pay shipping, I
would be happy to see them be put to use.

I live in Bellingham, WA (pretty much the very northwest corner of the most
northwest state of the lower 48), so you can guestimate the shipping cost.

Let me know by the end of July or they will be gone.

You can contact me at nwsoftware at or 360-734-5747.

Gary McGill

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