Honeywall mainframe CPU front panel ID?

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Wed Jul 26 14:00:41 CDT 2017

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> The 6180 is documented has having 8 ports, the DPS8/M as having 4 ports..
> (The DPS8/M is the next hardware generation of the 6180. The SCUs were
> upgraded to hold more memory and is was possible to max out the memory
> configuration with 4 SCUs, thus fewer ports needed. Also, (if I understand
> correctly, the maintenance panels were replaced with a maintaince computer
> with a video display).
> Having only four ports would lead me to suspect that this was not a
> Multics capable CPU (ie no append unit), so a GE 635 or whatever Honeywell
> rebadged it as.
A further refinement on numbering.

GE added Multics support to the 635 to make the 645. The 645 was a
transistor machine and was reworked as an integrated circuit machine, the

The 655 was rebranded as the Honeywell 6000 series.

I am not sure of the evolution path of the 635 to the 60xx; ie. if GE had
an IC version of the 635 and what it was called, or it the 655 came with a
non-Multics support version.

-- Charles

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