Ibm rs6000 7025-f50

Henry Bond henry.bnd at
Wed Jul 26 21:37:45 CDT 2017

I suspect that this machine was moved on because the service contract expired and a shiny new server with a service contract. 

Interesting method of doing business, although I did play heavy on the student. 

Maybe I will find a download from a less reputable source, if having the hardware entitles me to run their software. 


On 27 July 2017 03:15:01 BST, Cameron Kaiser via cctalk <cctalk at> wrote:
>> > I emailed IBM regarding a license to do research with
>For the OP, having the hardware still (last I checked) entitles you
>to run AIX on it. You just have to find the media, which for a system
>old is not easy. I've never been able to find 4.1.5 on CD, for example,
>even though I know it exists. (I have 4.1.5 for my Apple Network Server
>disc thanks to a member of this group, but not 4.1.5 for generic
>RS/6000 and
>IBM PowerPC hardware.)
>> IBM redid all their websites a few years ago, and finding information
>> about systems older than Power7 has become ... challenging.
>> They're ... uh, not going to respond to you.  IMHO.
>Seven years ago I couldn't get IBM to take my money when I was ready to
>buy a
>brand new POWER7 to take over for my dear ANS 500 (which will be at VCF
>August, btw). I had my credit card and a $14,000 budget. I was ready to
>I couldn't get them on the phone. I couldn't get *half their VARs* to
>a call.
>I ended up buying a used POWER6, about $10K all told, from a reseller
>*was*, in fact, happy to take my money. So I do business with them. It
>runs AIX 6 TLmumble with some patches. It is the machine sending you
>I suspect the issue is IBM doesn't want to do business with people like
>who can maintain our own hardware. Power Systems are hardly commodity
>servers, but the real money is in service contracts, and that was the
>thing I was not going to pay for.
>Never did hear back from them.

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