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Wed Jul 26 21:53:35 CDT 2017

> > > Probably Mozilla 1 or there about.  I think that was about the time I
> > > stopped trying to run any browser other than Lynx on my DEC Alpha.
> >
> > I'm pretty sure that was for AXP VMS. There wasn't even a Navigator 4 for
> > VAX VMS that I can recall, though I'd love to be wrong.
> >
> > Mozilla got all the way to 1.7 or so on Tru64, though.
> Would this be an older or newer web browser?
> MOSAIC, WEB_TOOLS, The Mosaic Web Browser
> VMS Mosaic V4.0, 4-JUN-2006
> VMS Mosaic is a GUI web browser.  It supports HTML V4.0 (including
> tables and frames), animated GIFs, cookies, secure connections, etc.
> It does not support Java, JavaScript or style sheets.  A C compiler
> is required to build it, if none of the pre-built executables in
> the [.EXE] directory are useable.
> VMS Mosaic is supported on VAXes running OpenVMS 5.4-3 thru 7.3, on
> Alpha systems using OpenVMS V1.5 thru 8.2, and on IA64 systems running
> OpenVMS V8.1 thru 8.2-1.  Mosaic will work with UCX (TCP/IP Services),
> CMU, MultiNet, Pathway, TCPware or SOCKETSHR with NETLIB.  CMU TCP/IP
> is supported via LIBCMUII or SOCKETSHR.  The Mosaic has been compiled
> with VAX C, DEC C and GNU C (VAX version 2.7.1 only).  Versions 1.1
> thru 1.5 of DECwindows Motif are supported.  Both HP SSL and OpenSSL
> are supported for secure connections.

It's kind of both. I don't think George routinely distributed VAX binaries
for MOSAIC, but if he said it would build on VAX, I believe him. The support
probably falls somewhere between Navigator 3 and 4, most likely (better
HTML4 support but virtually no scripting). He and I chatted a little since
I was looking at borrowing some of his code for CK-Mosaic.

George's old site on WVNET doesn't seem to be up anymore. :(

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