Sperry UTS 40 on Ebay - Statesboro, Georgia

Dominique Carlier dce at skynet.be
Fri Jul 28 03:37:53 CDT 2017

In fact, I used this machine from 1988 to 1999 (the date of the 
breakdown). This machine was given to me by my father who worked as a 
programmer on a Sperry UNIVAC 90/30, among others. This UTS 40 has a 
sentimental value because besides the paternal donation, it was my first 
"serious" machine that evoked me the loved big mainframe and computer 
terminals (In 1988 I was 15 years old and I had only an Amiga 500 and a 
Commodore 64). I wanted to give it a usefulness and under CP/M I 
programmed a soft in BASIC to manage a database which was a big 
help-memory-reminder in which I noted all that passed by my mind, a lot 
of funny stuff, dreams, projects, ... ;-)
My UTS was on every day and I used her constantly, this machine seemed 
indestructible however after 20 years of good and loyal services it 
began to show signs of fatigue. I had sometimes an error message during 
the POC TEST at initialization (RAM or ROM error, I can not remember).

At this time I incriminated my brave cat who was watching me tapping on 
the keyboard and sleeped regulary on the top of the screen that served 
her as heater, thus blocking the normal ventilation of the machine.
One day I turned on my UTS and instead of the POC TEST, just a long 
"BEEEP" and nothing on the screen. As I remembered the RAM / ROM issues 
displayed via the POC TEST, I suspected the ROMs on the "program 
cartridge". In fact I knew a lot less electronics compared to today. 
Fortunately I had printed all of my writings with the manesmann-tally 
dot matrix printer that was connected to the machine shortly before the 

I think today that it is possible that the breakdown was simply due to a 
deficient diet because of aging capacitors.
If today I put it on, there is no longer BEEEP, nothing. I always told 
myself that I would refurbish it one day and that I would start with the 
PSU. But there is the underlying fear of a more serious problem with 
ROMs or RAM, or more vicious, with the numerous tantalum capacitors 
associated with the RAM (already observed with my IBM XT).

The subsystem has long been functioning after the death of the terminal, 
now there is a breakdown of power supply (bridge rectifier apparently), 
and the belts are melted, but nothing serious a priori.
In short, I want to restore this machine :-)

It was a synchronous terminal but there was an RS-232, if I could repair 
my brave machine and make it communicate with my other machines it would 
be great :-)
In any case, that's why I've always been interested in finding spare 
parts for this old buddy.

I had already tried to talk about that  a long time ago on a forum, I 
just found the link:

And finally here, four images - Classified file ! - a video from 1989. I 
was 16 and so happy to have fun with my dear UTS 40 ^_^


Will I ever resurrect him one day?

On 28/07/2017 08:52, jim stephens via cctalk wrote:
> On 7/27/2017 10:31 PM, Dominique Carlier via cctalk wrote:
>> Oh, I have a Sperry Univac UTS 40 and its 8-inch floppy disk 
>> subsystem. I love this machine but it's been down for 15 years now. I 
>> suspect a simple PSU problem but it would be the opportunity to have 
>> possible rare parts.
>> However I reside in Belgium. I sent a mail to the seller to know his 
>> price for a shipment.
>> A photo of my dear beast :
>> http://www.actingmachines.com/img/photos/24_big.jpg
>> On 27/07/2017 23:58, Pete Lancashire via cctalk wrote:
>>> No association with the seller, just passing the info on ....
>>> http://www.ebay.com/itm/142458218680
> I did a project for C-Itoh / Sperry years ago to do an interface board 
> to run a CI-300 / 600 / 900 on a mainframe, I think the 1100.
> The interface channel the mainframe used could be fitted to the 
> UTS-40, so they had shipped a system as you describe to us with CPM, 
> so I could print to the channel interface for testing my interface 
> board / firmware.
> I had to run the channel to pull the lines of information, and 
> translate them to the line printer in more or less "normal" streaming 
> format.  I also had a serial channel added so you could flip an option 
> and run from the channel to any serial port, so there was no need to 
> burn up paper.
> The system was quite solid, built like a tank.
> At the time TWA was still operating, and with an appropriate keyboard, 
> they used the UTS-40 for airline res terminals.  When they were moved 
> to Saber when Pars was killed off, there was a temporary surge of the 
> terminal boxes, but the keyboards would have been a pain to use, and 
> there was no simple way to add the 8" drive subsystem you have.
> Hope you fix it, it is an impressive CP/M system.  representative of 
> "anything worth doing is worth overdoing" as far as CP/M.  So much 
> hardware that never gets touched when running that.
> If you happen to have drawings or pointer to such (if on bitsavers as 
> I write, I have not checked) I'd be interested of stashing such in 
> case one ever drops in my lap.
> thanks
> Jim

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