8mm cinemax type film players (almost OT)

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Subject: Re: 8mm cinemax type film players (almost OT)

My tape obsession was already slightly out of control, but when I found a create of 8mm reel of family footage and other movies in my 90 something year old grandfather's storage, I need a recommendation on how to play these, we're they standardised?

What is the difference between 8mm and super 8, is it backwards compatible?

Or is this all to analogue to care?

There are companies around who will transcribe 8mm (either form) to DVD for quite reasonable prices
(they'll almost certainly also do 16mm and may be able to do 9.5mm as well - I think "single 8" only differs from "standard 8" at the camera)

(remembering the days when I coveted a Bolex H8)


I guess that depends on your opinion of "reasonable".

I have a number of 8mm home videos my father made but every place I looked
at was prohibitively expensive (several hundred dollars per reel!!)

Maybe I'll look again but I figure this is going to be a one shot deal as the films
may disintegrate the next time they are used.


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