Anybody has Control Data (CDC) disk packs for 841 and 844 disk drives to spare with?

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Sun Jun 4 18:01:38 CDT 2017

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> On 6/4/2017 2:11 PM, Rob Jarratt wrote:
> > In my case this is not with the intention of running anything, I don't have an
> ICL 1905E (!). All I want to do is recover the data on the disk as it may contain
> what is possibly the only copy anywhere of an operating system that was built
> at Manchester University.
> >
> > Regards
> Rob,
> many thanks for recovering data.  

Well, I haven't recovered anything yet.... 

My comment was just because of that blob
> of angst I get in the pit of my stomach from time to time thinking about these
> things and them crashing.  Of course it is really wonderful you have saved the
> media.  I hope that someone has a means to recover the pack and you have
> success.

Actually the pack is not in my possession, it is still at Manchester University, in a display case. I am pretty sure that if there was a realistic chance of recovering data from it that they would be happy to try it.


> When I worked for Microdata corporation, their earlier work was contained in
> a 30' x 5' bank of 80 column card drawers.  When they moved from the facility
> that the work had been performed, they decided since they had converted to
> totally different technologies to scrap all of it.
> I was told that the entire pile was mine to have and deal with.  I
> digitized copies of every unique product in the pile and save them.   I
> have since had them converted to images, and Al has them @ CHM.  but so
> much of this happens and there is no trace left of the media.
> Note as a side story, they had been doing something similar to a source control
> program, so though the above sounds like a fantastic amount of software, some
> times one or two card drawer racks contained dozens of revisions of the same
> program.  From a practical standpoint, I had to determine the last version and
> save them.  Of course I could now have had the largest 80 column card
> collection left (probably) if I'd saved the lot.
> would have been fun to have saved it and have it @ the CHM or some museum.
> thanks
> Jim

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