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> Seems somewhat counterintuitive / or simply is it just business?

Just business. Its made worse by the fact that DEC keyboards were considered reliable, and cheap compared to the terminals and so often discarded, but the terminals kept s spares.
I believe that the later PS2 variety could also be used on a PC with emulation software. Good keyboards are rare...

> Am I just going to have to pay over the odds for a good condition one
> whether I like it or not?

"Over the odds" implies that its over the market value. The odds are that a good DEC terminal keyboard will go for "top dollar"..
... especially in the UK and as that was a UK link I assume you are in the UK...

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> >> the same price for the keyboard as the terminal is greedy.
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> >Welcome to the world of the keyboard collector, who buys up keyboards
> >and leaves terminals and classic computers behind, rendering them
> >useless.
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