sticky copies and laser prints

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Tue Jun 6 20:19:11 CDT 2017

I would bet that there is a "best way" to open a stuck page, but I usually
open very slowly to reduce damage.  It's bad enough we have to worry about
the machines, the disks, the batteries, the caps, the....

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> On 06/06/2017 23:58, David Griffith via cctalk wrote:
>> Often when I comb through old documentation, I find that the years, heat,
>> and pressure appear to have remelted the toner such that pages get stuck
>> together.  Is there a danger of that happening with modern toners?
> Yes.  Toner composition hasn't changed much.  BTW, the worst culprit is
> the plasticiser in PVC ring binders.  All mine have at least one sheet of
> acetate (most OHP (viewgraph) transparency sheets work) in front of the
> first page, and behind the last page, which helps prevent the problem.
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> Pete
> Pete Turnbull

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