Anybody has Control Data (CDC) disk packs for 841 and 844 disk drives to ...

Thu Jun 8 09:49:06 CDT 2017

we have a couple  6 high  cdc  packs we need to keep  one  for show in tell 
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On 06.06.2017 20:26, Al Kossow via cctalk wrote:
> On  6/6/17 6:10 AM, Philipp Hachtmann via cctalk wrote:
>> And I have  cables and lots of spare heads: All submerged since 
Saturday. I most probly  won't try to recover the packs
> If they really are that rare you may  want to reconsider.
The cables have been rescued and washed.
The special  tools and spares have been washed and cleaned. Looks still 
usable. The  spare bearings don't look perfect but might be still usable.
The heads  (probably for my very old discretely built CDC drive) have 
been rescued  but still sit in their detoriated and soaked foam packages.

I can do  only a bit from time to time. Hopefully the heads survive. It 
looks as  they don't rust (in contrast to the bearings and some screws 
which  instantly became a bit rusty).

So I'm not careless. But I have a job  and some other duties, the stuff 
is not directly at home. So it takes a  bit.

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