McLeyvier music synthesizer

Alan Frisbie Flash688 at
Tue Jun 13 13:22:59 CDT 2017

In the early 1980's, a company in Toronto, Hazelcom Industries,
produced a music synthesizer based on an LSI-11/23 running
RSX-11M v3.2.   The music part of it was written by David McLey,
so the product was called the McLeyvier (pun intended).

Several people in the industry have told me that this was the
best analog music synthesizer ever made.   Sadly, it was
introduced just as digital synthesizers were hitting their stride.

Now, a small group of enthusiasts have banded together to restore
the few remaining McLeyviers (only about eight were sold) to
operating condition.

If you have any knowledge about the McLeyvier, and are not
already on our mailing list, PLEASE contact me.   We are
particularly interested in the following subjects:

1. McLeyvier hardware or software documentation.
2. DTC 520-1 disk controller and its DTC-11 Q-Bus host adapter.
3. Peritek VRG-Q Q-Bus graphics controller.  Especially the
    RSX or RT-11 device drivers, or other software.
4. The location or owners of McLeyviers.

Our current project is to replace the ST-506 disks with
the David Gesswein MFM disk emulators.   To do this, we
need to determine the CRC algorithm used by DTC, which we
cannot find any documentation for.

Thank you,
Alan Frisbie

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