Front Panels - Follow up

Philipp Hachtmann hachti at
Wed Jun 14 04:05:13 CDT 2017


On 14.06.2017 10:41, Paul Birkel via cctalk wrote:
> How about adopting the "fallback" photorealistic approach that Oscar V. is using for the PiDP-8 panels?
Very bad idea. They just don't look good enough. And they can't meet the 
real colors.

Nothing you can print with a "normal" colour printer will compete with 
the real thing. Real silkscreen is more than "some color spread over the 
place". It's a piece of art in its own right. Just believe me :-)

I once had a problem with one of my lab8/e peripheral modules' (clock?) 
little module cover. The paint was flaky and only there in parts. I 
decided to redo that panel: Made a scan, repaired it, vectorized it, 
specified the closest Pantone color to the green and let it be printed 
with inkjet on adhesive film. In a professional shop. With colour 
management etc. Looks "usable" but a) the color is FAR off and b) If you 
come close than three feet, you immediately see that it's a fake.
In fact I already thought of redoing it with silkscreen. I only have to 
find the right colours (Already doing silkscreen on panels for money but 
only printing black and gold so far).

The DEC front panels are quite complex examples for silkscreen printing 
from both sides. I really like them.
And Rod's (right, or?) front panels are just... new originals.

So my idea is: Silkscreen or die. Colour printer is good enough for 
those pidp8-toys, but that's it.

Kind regards


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