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> I have personally reviewed several boxes of the DEC archives - and
> they are a terrific asset in understanding both DEC's business
> successes and failures, engineering prowess and bad decisions, etc.  

Al and others have discussed on cctalk the implications and
cost of publishing the CHM's massive DEC archives. It would be a huge
undertaking - but if the funding were available, it could be done.

In the past, I personally funded the CHM scanning of all of the "Amateur
Computer Society's" newsletters. I did so because it was the "first"
hobby-centered computer publication*. (It was published from 1966-1976).

You can see the results (and download it) here:

My suggestion would be that if we want the DEC archives available, we
should prioritize what we find most valuable, pool our resources ($$$)
and fund the scanning of the documents incrementally based on priority.

One of the reasons I've personally been reviewing the DEC material is to
determine what, if any, scanning I might be willing to fund.


* And I was a member of the "Amateur Computer Society" :)

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