dd-equivalent for VMS

Rob Jarratt robert.jarratt at ntlworld.com
Fri Jun 16 01:30:27 CDT 2017

Is there a dd equivalent for VMS?




I am trying to recover some TK50 tapes that were written on Ultrix.


I have a MIPS machine with Ultrix 4.5 on it and a TK50Z drive. I have been
able to read some tapes but they all seem to get an I/O error after a while
of reading. I think this could be due to the accumulation of oxide on the
heads. Despite cleaning the heads after every tape (by disassembly and
cleaning with isopropyl on a cotton bud). I think the oxide is accumulating
more than necessary because of the poor streaming abilities on the TK50
drive (too much back and forth over the same section of tape).


I do have more modern drives (TK70, TZ85, TZ87 etc), but Ultrix does not
seem to recognise them. So I was hoping to use one of my VAX or Alpha
machines with VMS and a better tape drive to recover the raw data. Ideally I
would like to make a SIMH virtual tape clone of the real tape.


Any other alternative suggestions very welcome.

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