File recovery help needed (Alabama)

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On Thu, 22 Jun 2017, Warner Losh via cctalk wrote:

> On Thu, Jun 22, 2017 at 3:39 PM, Fred Cisin via cctalk <
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>> OpenOffice claims to READ WP files, but not SAVE to those formats.
>> Which brings it all down to:
>> "How do you read 5.25" MS-DOS disks?"
> kryoflux is how I've read the ones that I've found...

    Guys, let's not let this degenerate into a disk tool debate.  It's
quite likely that these are vanilla 1.2MB MSDOS diskettes, easily read
by anyone with a system with the requisite drive.  I could do it myself,
but I thought I'd see if there's anyone closer (I'm in PA).


Funny that.  So am I.


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