File recovery help needed (Alabama)

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Sat Jun 24 16:28:05 CDT 2017

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>> Let's hope that it's a 1.4M!  If it's 720K, then we could sneaker it
>> to a PS/2 to move it to 2.8M, to take to a NeXT, . . .

On Sat, 24 Jun 2017, Kris Kirby wrote:
> IIRC the PS/2 had a 5.25" drive option in certain form factors.

Yes.  External 5.25" drives, both 360K and 1.2M were available for the
PS/2 line.   It was just a matter of power and signal cabling to put
together your own.
There was a bracket with a DC-37.  That could be used for PC external
drive, if that was what you had on hand.  Or wanted to connect an 8"


The only ones I remember were third-party.  SYSGEN comes immediately
to mind.


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