TV Typewriter project nearing completion

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Thanks Nick!

I had thought about selling PCBs or creating a kit, but I lack the skill to draft it in PCB CAD software.  The boards I made come from scans of the plans (on, and I really had to tweak those to get them to work.  And even then, while I was able to correct for size I missed de-skewing them, so the molex connectors for the bus between boards do not line up perfectly, making connecting boards a bit of a trick.  I hadn't realized just how badly scanning could distort artwork until I got my hands on an original copy of the Radio Electronics construction guide for the Mark-8.  Comparing the artwork in it to the scanned copies online showed just how bad the scanner mangled things.  

Unfortunately I missed a perfect opportunity to acquire an original construction guide when an actual vintage TVT came up on ebay.  The auction was for the TVT and the seller threw in the guide he'd bought.  I lost that auction to Grant Stockly.  As it turns out, he plans to diassemble that TVT, scan the boards and make kits available.  I was disappointed that he was going to dismantle an original piece (he does intend to reassemble it), but am glad some quality kits will come as a result.  We had been negotiating to send my original Mark-8 boards for a scan, since they are unbuilt, but I have been leery about shipping them off to the US ever since they were almost lost in transit to me.

If folks are interested I could make my 'corrected' (photoshopped) artwork available somewhere.  Maybe someone could fix it further.  I may even fix it.  Last week I acquired some actual vintage 1973 PCB stock, and now have an opportunity to go the last mile on authenticity and actually rebuild the TVT with correct PCBs.  That'd make it almost indistinguishable from an original.  But.. it'd also be a ton of (re)work.. 


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wow impressive work Brad!  Thanks for blogging about it, it's fun to watch you progress.  Ever consider selling some of the PCB boards, and coming up with a BOM list, so we can recreate some too?

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