DEC VT100/220 line wrapping semantics sought

Mattias Engdegård mattiase at
Wed Mar 1 04:12:03 CST 2017

1 mars 2017 kl. 07.14 skrev Lars Brinkhoff via cctalk <cctalk at>:

> I have a VT220 too, but it's in storage.  I can dig it out if necessary,
> but I'm hoping someone else can contribute those results.

Thank you, I already got results for a VT220 from another contributor.

> Note that the setup probably can alter the results.  I had "Auto Wrap"
> enabled, which is probably what you want.

Quite right. The test actually turns on auto-wrap itself.

I even ran the test on a VT100 emulator in Javascript (, which emulates the VT100 hardware with the original ROMs. There is a configuration with a VT100 connected to an IBM PC AT, so after installing Microsoft C on it and porting the test to MS-DOS, I got the same result as a genuine VT100.

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