Maillist Logistics - question

Tapley, Mark mtapley at
Wed Mar 1 09:07:42 CST 2017

	am I just being paranoid, or does this seem like a bad idea?

> Passwords for mtapley at
> List                                     Password // URL
> ----                                     --------  
> cctalk at                   …..

	<content edited> .  Presumably that email went only to me, but I just have the idea that a plain-text email with my account and password both in the same place isn’t wise. I’m not sure the information is terribly abusable - presumably if my list membership were hijacked I could work it out without much fiancial risk or anything, but still, if we need passwords, this is a pretty cavalier way to treat them. 
	Is there a mailman setting that can be used to delete this information from the monthly mailing?
									- Mark

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