Paper tape carriers and paper tape

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> On 11/11/2016 05:53 PM, Al Kossow wrote:
> No stock, or no cards?  I would think that one of the paper manufacturers
>>> would be putting out postcard stock of the right specifications.
>> This has been discussed for several years here. No one is making paper
>> stock to IBM card stock specifications.
> Yes. No wonder... But perhaps one could find something that is just
> similar enough. There are so many papers out there! If you want the
> official stuff with (not only that!) X and y separately specified shrink
> rated with respect to humidity, specified dielectric constant and so on -
> you're lost. But if you look for something that just runs pretty nicely on
> old card readers, it could (!) be easier.
> Using a paper folder to convert roll to fanfold has also been discussed.
>> Nothing has resulted from either discussion.
> The missing word: "yet" - who knows what will still happen!
> Philipp

I would check with the greenkeys guys.  Some of them may have a few cases

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