IBM S/32, PDP-11/60+RL01, PDP-11/34, East Lansing MI

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I have heard that story to. _IF_ you have WCS for the 11/60 ... not very common.
But even with WCS installed, there is a “small” problem: the PDP-8 microcode
for the 11/60 is lost ☹

From my website:
The only other PDP-11 that has a WCS option (KUV11, M8018) is the PDP-11/03, KD11-F processor. Ritchie Lary wrote the micro-code for the PDP-11/60 to emulate the PDP-8 instruction set, making it the "fastest PDP-8 ever".
It is a pity that the source code seems to be lost. Even Ritchie Lary, the author, no longer had the source when Eric Smith inquired some years back (~2011 - 2012), and Ritchie did not think that anyone else was likely to have it. So, it appears to be lost forever.

I love to hear whether somebody has that source code!
But then, I lack the tools to compile that. IIRC, you need a microcode compiler and some other tool …

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PDP-11/60 - the fastest PDP-8 ever built!  :-)

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