DEC VT30-H and VTV30-J, was VSV11

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Oops, typo ☹   I missed one folder. The correct links are<><>

While “promoting”, I also added a page for the RP03<>
It will be some time before pictures of the system and more info will land here.
I am re-organizing my 2250 square feet … but not yet clear how everything
will be placed.

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Henk:  In case you haven't noticed, neither of those URLs are yet active
:-<.  To Your Good Health!

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Well, I did scribble a bit about the VT30 and VSV11 on my website .
Check out<><>

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Well, it would be a very nice thing to put the hands on a copy of such
manual! :)
Given that I didn't find ANY information on Google about these boards,
except for the bare description in the PDP11 field guide, it would be very
nice to archive a copy on bitsavers too...
If you manage to find something, please let me know

>I've got a photocopied user's manual in this mess somewhere (used for the
"VR:" VT30 emulation in E11).

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