Compaq Portable 286 and Portable III - IDE drives?

Jules Richardson jules.richardson99 at
Fri Mar 3 14:52:04 CST 2017

Just checking here, as someone told me that this is the case, but do the 
Compaq Portable 286 and Portable III take stock 40-pin IDE hard drives? I 
just wanted to make sure that they weren't expecting something that might 
be a bit non-standard before I go trying to find modern replacements for a 
pair of failing disks.

Assuming that an enormous modern(ish) drive is OK, are there any other 
gotchas involved in configuration and formatting? Obviously I don't need a 
partition bigger than a few tens of MB, but perhaps there are things to 
keep in mind when fitting a drive that's most likely to be getting on for a 
thousand times the capacity of the original.



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