Compaq Portable 286 and Portable III - IDE drives?

Tom Gardner t.gardner at
Sat Mar 4 12:37:37 CST 2017

I'm pretty sure the Portable III used a Conner IDE disk drive, see
probably the CP344 but maybe the CP341 (there is some inconsistency in  the

However that was the first public IDE drive so it is not at all clear how
compatible the Compaq HBA/driver was with future versions of IDE/ATA, so if
I were you I would get early Conner IDE drives as replacements such as
models CP3024, CP3044, CP344, CP3104, CP3114 and CP3204 - all listed in the
1989 Disk/Trend as Conner PC-AT drives (i.e. IDE drives).


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Just checking here, as someone told me that this is the case, but do the
Compaq Portable 286 and Portable III take stock 40-pin IDE hard drives? I
just wanted to make sure that they weren't expecting something that might be
a bit non-standard before I go trying to find modern replacements for a pair
of failing disks.

Assuming that an enormous modern(ish) drive is OK, are there any other
gotchas involved in configuration and formatting? Obviously I don't need a
partition bigger than a few tens of MB, but perhaps there are things to keep
in mind when fitting a drive that's most likely to be getting on for a
thousand times the capacity of the original.



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