Full immersion emulation

Jon Elson elson at pico-systems.com
Sat Mar 4 19:09:04 CST 2017

On 03/04/2017 03:27 PM, Mark J. Blair via cctalk wrote:
> I mostly remember the shop-vacuum-like whine of the vacuum pump, and the fluttery thwack of the tape loops forming on load-up. The other tape motion sounds didn't stick in my memory so much. I do remember the buzzy grind of the capstan motors on the C240's tape drive; I don't recall whether that drive's OEM was Fujitsu or Hitachi, but I found it quite enjoying to watch as an engineering student.
Hmmm, on our TU77, the vacuum pump was not that audible, but 
then it was in a room with a LOT of noise.  Liebert air 
conditioner, 11/780, RM05, RP07 and then the TU77.  When the 
drive was not running flat out, the bup-bup from the tape 
columns was not real loud, but when you were pushing data 
fast, like BACKUP with /buffers=5, it made a pretty steady 
BRRRRRR noise.


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