PDP-11/34 rails?

Noel Chiappa jnc at mercury.lcs.mit.edu
Sat Mar 4 21:34:40 CST 2017

    > From: Josh Dersch

    > I'm looking to rack up my PDP-11/34 so I can get it off my bench. I'd
    > like to track down something similar to (if not exactly) the original
    > rackmount rails (the ones that allow the chassis to pivot 90 degrees

I'm not the sure BA11-K (10-1/2" box) mounted 11/34's could do the rotate
thing; the last 10-1/2" one that could was, IIRC, the 11/05. (I don't think
any of the 5-1/4" boxes could rotate.) The BA11-K had that incredibly heavy
H765 power supply, maybe it was too heavy to safely rotate?

    > I'm not sure what the original part number or manufacturer was. Anyone
    > have this information handy?

Anyway, I've seen BA11-K boxes with several different kind of mounting

The tall, grey-coated ones are made by Chassis Trak, a division of General
Devices of Indianapolis. The 4 I looked at, all idential looking (except for
handedness), all had different numbers on the CT sticker, so I don't know what
the model number is! This one says '060RH'.

I've also seen BA11-K's with narrower (height-wise) slides, in some sort of
bright metal finish. I don't know who made those.

GD is still in business; I looked on their web site and found similar slides.
I didn't order any because they were kind fairly pricy.

BTW, does anyone know that they grey coating is? Is it some sort of phosphate
plating, or perhaps some sort of early powder coat, or what? Mine are rusty,
and I'd like to blast them and get them re-coated, but I can't figure out
what that coating is.


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