PDP-11/34 rails?

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    > From: Pete Turnbull

    >> I'm not the sure BA11-K (10-1/2" box) mounted 11/34's could do the
    >> rotate thing

    > The two I've had .. both rotated.

Ah, right you are - brain fade, late at night.

I went looking in my BA11-K collection, and found a couple that do have the
rotate - the part that bolts to the box has a huge 3/4 circular plate, and a
metal strip that runs to the front of the box with a huge (~3") handle bar at
the front, which releases it to turn.

I have this bit set that the outer slides (the parts that bolt to the 19"
rack) are the same for the rotating inners, and the non-rotating ones (as
used on, e.g., the RK05 and the BA11-F).

    > I've also seen BA11-K's with narrower (height-wise) slides, in some
    > sort of bright metal finish. I don't know who made those.

I went and had a look at some, but there is no name, or number, anywhere on

BTW, these also rotate.


It's sad and too late now but a few years ago when I was leaving the old house
I couldn't give that stuff away.  I had 4 complete sets of rails for BA-11's that
went to the recycler because I couldn't find anyone to take them.  Also a bunch
of those funny rails for RL drives.


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