I hate the new mail system

Alfred M. Szmidt ams at gnu.org
Mon Mar 6 03:42:35 CST 2017

   > The whole "foo via cctalk" is *really* annoying...  What is wrong with
   > a half default mailman setup?  There is no Reply-To header there, From
   > is set to the person actually sending the message (as it should be).

   Yes, that is most annoying. My complaint (and I guess many more
   from other users will follow) is, that if you reply to a message on
   the list, the author of that message gets a private mail, too, as
   he is listed in the Reply-To:-field.  This is *wrong* and must be
   corrected (i.e. removed)!  (BTW this reply to Alfed's mail is to
   one sent to me privately because of that error).

Indeed, the Reply-To header should be nuked.

   > And all the bounce addresses are set to
   > cctalk-bounces+foo=bar at classiccmp.org where foo=bar is the user
   > sending the message.

   No, the Envelope-From: only has "cctalk-bounces at classiccmp.org", there's 
   no "+foo=bar" in it.
   And yes, the change in the address fields don't cure the bounce problem 
   because the envelope from field is unchanged (and *that* field is used for 
   bounces, not the header fields *within* the mail).

I meant that it should have the +foo=bar thing in it, the example I
was showing was how it _should_ look like, not what it currently looks
like.  Was a bit unclear there I suppose.

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