I hate the new mail system

Christian Corti cc at informatik.uni-stuttgart.de
Mon Mar 6 10:01:55 CST 2017

On Mon, 6 Mar 2017, Mouse wrote:
> Only if you don't bother editing it down to whichever address you want
> to reply to (as I did for this message).  If your user agent doesn't
> let you do that, well, your choice of a crippled user agent (and an
> inability to edit the list of recipients is a pretty serious failing
> for a user agent) is not reason to mangle the list even further for
> everyone else.

You know how to see what user agent I use (hint: alpine). And it is fully 
capable of editing or changing anything I want.

>> This is *wrong* and must be corrected (i.e. removed)!
> I disagree.

I disagree with your disagreement.

> For one thing, that is one of only two places the actual sender's
> address appears anywhere in the headers, based on the mail I'm replying
> to (and the other one is in a Received: comment, even less available to
> user agents and not present unless the sending mailsystem happens to
> add it).

Yes, and it must not be in the Reply-To: field because in normal cases, 
this field is the one used for replying, and I want to reply to the 
list, and only to the list. If I want to reply personally, I override the 
default and take the From: address instead. That's how it should work.
For example, alpine ask me "Use "Reply-To:" address instead of "From:" 
address?" and defaults to "yes" because the former field has a higher 
A compromise would be to have just the sender's address in the header 
field, not with a second recipient cctalk at ...

>> No, the Envelope-From: [...]
> The envelope-from is not a header and in general does not have a name

Ehm, right ;-)

> with a colon after it.  (Your user agent, or possibly your mail store,

Don't blame my user agent, I'm fond of it ;-) It was just my fault.

> As I understand it, the attempt to "fix" the suspended-subscription
> "problem" has nothing to do with where the bounces are going, but
> rather with their being produced in the first place.  As far as I have

Yes, it is, well, funny... I haven't been able to figure out what the 
problem could be. I know that in my case, I've never had any bounce 
problem with this list, although the mail gateway and server on my side 
are quite picky. BTW over here, legally it is not allowed to reject spam 


PS: Replying to "Mouse <cctalk at classiccmp.org>" is somehow weird...

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