HP 2647A BASIC/AUTOPLOT47 and DEMO tape preservation

Dave dfnr2 at yahoo.com
Mon Mar 6 15:12:39 CST 2017

I have a couple of HP 2647A tapes:  BASCI/AUTOPLOT47 and DEMO.   They look to be in good condition.  I have had them in a climate controlled lab since acquiring them as part of a sizeable lot of HP tapes last year.
I am curious if there are any known good copies of these tapes out there.   Are these the same as (i.e., can be created from) the floppy images available on hpmuseum.net?
If these are not already archived, I would be interested in preserving them.  I realize that reading tapes this old may be a "one-shot only" process, and I don't have the expertise or equipment to be able to archive these tapes.
Is there anyone on this list with the interest and ability to archive these tapes and make the images available to the community in a useful format?

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