Still Looking For AT&T 3B2 Internals Docs

Jerry Kemp other at
Mon Mar 6 15:54:17 CST 2017

Very interesting.  I didn't start wearing a Unix hat till 1989-1990 time period. 
  Aside from the ATT 3B2, my only other exposure to SysVR3 Unix was thru Banyan 

Banyan Vines sat on top of SysVR3 Unix, and we used a lot of Banyan Vines.  When 
(Banyan) boxes went down, typically due to poor power/power outages and no 
UPS's, I typically got a call to recover them, which entailed interacting with 
the Unix underneath, until it was recovered enough that file systems were 
repaired and the full Banyan NOS stack could come up.

Back on topic, I guess I had not understood your request enough, I had though 
you were needing specific hardware and CPU information.  Did not realize that 
there were software/SysVR3 questions you were still asking.

Again, wishing you good luck in acquiring the data that you need to move forward.

Jerry Kemp

On 03/ 6/17 01:06 PM, Seth Morabito via cctalk wrote:

lots of stuff deleted here

> It definitely pays to look at outside resources. One of the most
> useful books for this project has been Maurice Bach's "The Design of
> the UNIX Operating System", which describes System V Release 3 in
> great detail. This, combined with the SVR3 source code, have been
> invaluable to me. The 3B2 was the main porting platform for SVR3, so
> there are lots of tidbits and details about the hardware in it. In
> fact, without the SVR3 source code, I would be absolutely nowhere in
> this project.
> -Seth

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