HP 2647A BASIC/AUTOPLOT47 and DEMO tape preservation

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Tue Mar 7 04:14:03 CST 2017

smecc would like a tape also!  neat!
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I am interested. I have an HP 2647 with two restored tape  drives, and have 
been looking for this exact tape set. I have some "new"  Athana tapes. Step 
1 would be to copy them to a new Athana master tape. Then  step to could be 
to make copies available to the group. Step 3 would be to  transfer them to 
an archive format, but in essence it's already been done by  the hpmuseum 
(in 5.25" 2647 disc format, LIF I presume?). But I don't have  that rare disc 
unit and interface card to connect it to the 2647 (if I had, I  could 
indeed recreate the tapes). That said, I first need to work on step 0,  which is 
lots of practicing recovering DC100 tapes reliably: baking them,  changing 
the belt, cleaning the guides... Fortunately I have lots of DC100  tapes that 
I need to recover before touching yours. It might take me a couple  month 
to get there. Contact me off list if you want.

> On  Mar 6, 2017, at 1:12 PM, Dave via cctalk <cctalk at classiccmp.org>  
> Hello,
> I have a couple of HP 2647A  tapes:  BASCI/AUTOPLOT47 and DEMO.   They 
look to be in good  condition.  I have had them in a climate controlled lab 
since acquiring  them as part of a sizeable lot of HP tapes last year.
> I am curious if  there are any known good copies of these tapes out 
there.   Are  these the same as (i.e., can be created from) the floppy images 
available on  hpmuseum.net?
> If these are not already archived, I would be interested  in preserving 
them.  I realize that reading tapes this old may be a  "one-shot only" 
process, and I don't have the expertise or equipment to be  able to archive these 
> Is there anyone on this list with the  interest and ability to archive 
these tapes and make the images available to  the community in a useful format?
> Thanks,
>  Dave

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