Fluorescent lights (Was: Full immersion emulation)

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> On 3/7/2017 11:04 AM, Ed via cctalk wrote:
> > we had   tubes  with LEDs in them... took old   florescent  tube out of
> > fixture.. twisted in the  thing  with the  LEDs in it  that hacked
> > wight into the lighting  fixture and  done! Ed#
> >
> I've asked about those and have no sources of such.  They do have to work
> thru ballasts and deal with starter issues that are no longer relevant,
> you remove and rewire the ballasts / starters out of the old fixtur
> The things I've seen are the same form factor as a 4' dual tube dual 40
> fixture with 110 in and light out.  Pull and toss an old dual tube fixture
> replace with new LED.  But I've not seen the tube solution.
> I've got a couple of spots the tube thing would be desirable, but no
source of
> such.  If you do have a source I'd be interested.
> thanks
> Jim

I have just replaced two tubes in my shack with LED tubes. They came with
"dummy" starters, went straight into the existing fittings.
I am on 240v rather than 110v but GE seems to make similar devices for the


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